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Proposal for a continued Networked Innovation Forum & recap of April Event Series
Published on May 17, 2022 by Sebastian Klemm

Proofing Future: Bridging People + Ideas is thankful to all international organisations who have been actively engaging in lively discussions and leveraging their networking along our initial event series on 11th, 12th and 28th April.


While this preceding event series originated in the commissioned content creation for Our Sci, we see a huge potential in facilitating and hosting the multitude of emerging interests and follow discussions within one Networked Innovation Forum.

image below: "Web of Relations" graph, visualizing the attendees of our April Event Series

Proofing Future asked previous meeting participants how they imagine a continued forum:

Proofing Future would be happy to provide such corresponding, frequent Networked Innovation Forum, where Proofing Future as a community builder can:

  • host monthly meetings

  • curate new contact introductions

  • actively cross-pollinate information & meeting documentations within the stakeholder community,

  • bridge organisational domains, enable frictionless collaboration & support new alliances.

  • Provide an interactive, accessible "web of relations" graph (see image above).

  • Provide monthly publications via the ProofingFuture.EU dissemination channels, adding to the credibility & visibility for stakeholders. 

To provide this monthly Networked Innovation Forum, Proofing Future requires financial support from the stakeholder community* to whom this forum provides value.

*Exception: Consolidated members of the Proofing Future community should not pay double to Proofing Future and are considered to be grandfathered into this forum.

See image below: Proofing Future lays open its financial requirements in a True Cost Accounting

A 12-month Networked Innovation Forum facilitated by Proofing Future requires €8.400
Following a community-based financing approach (CSX) that stems from community-supported agriculture (CSA), all interested stakeholders could contribute an amount that is institutionally /or privately possible for themselves and thereby receive co-ownership* of the circle. Thus, the funding goal can come together through a combination of both private donations & institutional grants

*Co-ownership includes
  • Get a say on how we govern the circle
  • Get a say on what we focus on thematically 
  • Get the opportunity to suggest further speakers from your affiliate networks
  • Get a front seat at each monthly meeting with the option to present your work at each occasion
  • Get the opportunity to commission ProofingFuture to aquire further speakers that you find inspiring and would like to get more closely to your company
  • Get year long consistent exposure for your expertise, capabilites & your company withing every Earth Circle announcement, event and follow event publication (via ProofingFuture.EU dissemination channels)

Open Accounting
The accounting of incoming and outgoing payments will be processed transparently through this Open Collective instance.**

**Hosted under the umbrella of Open Collective Europe, Proofing Future Europe is a Brussel based nonprofit.

all images: CC BY-NC-ND