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  • We received an energy bill of €12,238 for June 2022 - June 2023
  • We only have €7k on our account (€5k we had put aside for Engie, €2k we could use from our collective budget)
  • We have set up an payment plan in 24 monthly instalments of €509.10 to give us some breathing space to find a solution
  • We are reaching out to the community and to everyone who made use of the space to see if they can retroactively increase their contribution

  • Request

  • Can you help us organise events at the Citizen Corner to raise funds?
  • Can you help us raise funds?
  • Can you help us apply for subsidies?

  • Context

  • Electricity prices have skyrocketed during our last billing period (from €0,30/kWh to €0,67/kWh between June 2022 and June 2023)
  • We were only paying €224/month as a provision based on previous year consumption and prices
  • We welcomed Ukrainian refugees and they had to use electric heaters and cooking stoves
  • We hosted many events for the community
  • We raised our prices for renting the space and we were able to put aside €5k to prepare for the bill, which is not enough
  • We applied to a call for citizen initiatives from the commune of Schaerbeek which has been denied (Prime aux initiatives citoyennes Schaerbeek)

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Tracey Hamill

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