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The financial hub of the Psychological Science Accelerator: a globally-distributed network of researchers that collaborate on large research studies in psychology.


The Psychological Science Accelerator is a globally-distributed grassroots network of researchers (2500+researchers from 80+ countries) who pool intellectual and material resources to complete large-studies in psychology.

By harnessing the power of big-team science, we hope to build an understanding of psychology that is not only more robust--but also more representative of diverse experiences, methodologies, and cultures.

Thus far, we have completed some of the largest studies in the history of experimental psychology. E.g., see our work on the psychology of COVID-19, social perception, and moral judgments. Now, we seek to further build up big-team science.


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Account for PSA ethics committee

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This account contains the funds from the 2022 Einstein Foundation Award

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PSA-005 Stereotype Threat Project

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2022 End of Year Update

Dear collaborators and contributors to the Psychological Science Accelerator, You are receiving an automated copy of this end-of-year update because you have either (1) directly contributed or made a payment to the...
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Published on December 13, 2022 by Nicholas Coles