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Pushin' Forward

Through our skateboarding give-back program events we help communities engage young people in innovative and impactful ways.


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Pushin’ Forward
is a youth Skate program focusing on social-emotional learning, education, and gang prevention. Our community events help young people connect to a passion, build confidence and learn to develop healthy relationships.


🛹 Pushing youth forward, one skateboard at a time.


🦾 Empowering youth, through impactful skateboarding experiences. Through our skateboarding give-back program, teaching lessons, and investing in youths' passion we help communities engage young people in innovative and impactful ways.

For the last ten years, Pushin' Forward's CEO Don "Coach" Cooley has partnered nationally with youth organizations to develop skateboard programming for youth of all ages.


What do we do?

  • We provide custom skateboarding experiences for youth organizations, brands, and communities.
  • We provide youth with free skateboards, helmets, skate lessons, and social-emotional learning opportunities.
  • We help communities, brands, and youth organizations connect with youth in innovative and creative ways.
  • We help young people keep pushin’ forward.

Interested in partnering with us to make an impact?

  • ☑︎ Visit us at our website.
  • ☑︎ Fill out our contact form to tell us about your idea.
  • ☑︎ Donate to help us keep pushin’ forward.

About Pushin' Forward Founded by DGK's Don "Coach" Cooley in 2013 with the creation of #Savebyskateboaring with DGK. He has hosted events in almost every major city in the U.S. partnering with the local Boys & Girls Clubs of America giving away complete skateboards and safety equipment. In 2022 to continue his advocacy and givebacks for the youth across the country, Pushin’ Forward was created with the vision that skateboarding teaches kids discipline, resilience, independence, and confidence which are essential life skills that prepare and mold them into productive members of our communities.


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