Open Collective
Open Collective
The Quarry
Published on July 18, 2021 by Cassajo

  Hello hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I would like to thank everyone for your continued support, we appreciate it and it helps us in so many ways!!! I as co-leader would like to apologize for not updating, as much as I would like and as much others all would like.

 We have about 14 tents some are singles and others are couples. We have 16 people I am no longer the only female 🤣 there is 5 now, yay!! I would like to announce that I got housing and will be hopefully moving into my apartment August 1st!!! I will continue to come check on the quarry make sure our rules that we established when creating our community keep being followed, so that we can continue being a safe and clean camp. I've been here since day 1 that would be February 16th and it's been an unique adventure I would have to say, but for me as an individual I am very blessed for the Quarry and North East support through this difficult time of my life. 

   Our needs?? We are always open to donations if you don't feel comfortable bringing it up to the camp we would appreciate it if you leave it by the sign/flowers not the porter potty. Batteries size D are needed all the time due to our fans are battery operated and they help sooooo much. Batteries, AA, AAA, C. Wipes scented- cucumber melon and Coco butter are ok, unscented for sure. Can goods, water, any food is always appreciated! We always have a station that is open 24hrs to everyone for food and water. No one should go hungry!!! Solar fans would be awesome or recharging ones. Clothes for men our sizes range from pants 34-38 and shirts xl-3xl shoe sizes range from 10-13 for woman sm-xl pants and shirts shoe sizes 7-9. 

  It really helps to have this open collective you all do lift some of weight off our shoulders knowing there is other that care. How it helps? Well it helped us getting food when their isn't any food support to summer coming quick and we had to get summer/thinner clothes. Fans and community supplies. Once again thank you I appreciate you and I know my fellow community members do also. 
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