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Subverting data science as a tool for dignity, justice and joy.


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The 'data science revolution' has been used to destabilise democracies, increase corporate and state power and make us buy more shoes. Resisting this is a group of activists, artists and collectives reappropriating data science as a tool for dignity, justice and joy.

For the last two years, we have been researching and interviewing these data pioneers. Speaking to everyone from indigenous community activists to queer art collectives, they have learnt how to make traffic jams in empty roads and use Google Maps to prove war crimes. We have been collating these practices into a movement of 'Radical Data': a critical data science that works for dignity, justice and hope.

Our goal is to develop a radical and workable alternative for data. Engaging with scientists, activists, artists and citizens, we are working to stop the data science revolution working against us and finally make it work for us.

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