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Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting in Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ

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Rad Web Hosting is a Dallas, TX-based Web Hosting provider, which provides online solutions to Small to Medium Businesses. Many web and digital agencies utilize our innovative toolset to take full ownership of their client experience, by integrating automated white-label solutions.

Why Choose Rad Web Hosting

Solutions specialists provide answers and tailor customized solutions to our prospective and current clients 7 days a week. Our Expert Support Technicians are physically present in the data center 24 hours a day to ensure client success through reliable, supported infrastructure and hosting solutions. 

Services Provided 

Services provided include Domain Name registration, Website and Application Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Our team works diligently alongside clients to match solutions to specific needs, providing customized hosting solutions optimized for each client requirement. 

Partner Resources

API access and white-label automated reseller solutions are available, along with full documentation and support for implementation. Clients have access to domain registration, along with web hosting and server provisioning through a white-label interface. 

Software Integrations

Rad Web Hosting currently offers 3 (three) prebuilt WHMCS modules-ready-made solutions for Reseller and remote API integration.
  • Domain Reseller API [Registrar Module]
  • VPS Reseller [Server Module-Provisioning]
  • Dedicated Server Reseller [Server Module]
Rad Web Hosting provides support and updates of each module.

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