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Rebuild: Foundation Programme


We have created an introductory and foundational programme for you that captures and summarises the tools and building blocks, described in the award-winning book "Rebuild", that you need to Rebuild for a world that works for all.


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Since the award-winning book "Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership and You" by Graham Boyd and Jack Reardon was published, many people and communities have reached out to us wanting to know more.

Since the book was written to serve as a DIY toolkit for builders of a better world, we decided to create a Foundation Programme that would cover the main concepts described in the book in a more digestible format.

So, we recorded a series of videos that capture and summarise the tools and building blocks that you'll need as a foundation to start transforming the systems you're part and whole of.

This Rebuild Foundation programme is an introduction to the 6 layers of our ecosystems, and the interactions and relationships that we can develop and harness to rebuild them, as well as "how" to do that! 

See through a multitude of lenses, get a systems view of who you are, the organisations we can lead, and the economy we can create that will meet the needs of all life on earth. 

This programme is for everyone! and it's also the entry point to our 3 month Startup Incubator programme, and some of our advanced how-to workshops for builders of a better world. 

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