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Fiscal Host: Help Yourself

Redistro circulates goods within our local community, the Western MA Connecticut River Valley. We have a membership based free store, lending library, and pop up events. Funds raised will support rent, operations, and expanding our offerings.


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24/7 access to the free store for swapping, coworking & hanging out! Recommended contribution of 2 hours monthly hosting open hours and sorting.

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Redistro envisions a just transition, shifting away from harmful methods of production, consumption, and disposal, towards a local circular economy based on mutual aid and environmental justice. 

Redistro makes it easier to circulate goods locally in the Western MA Connecticut River Valley, turning “waste” into an opportunity for community, creativity, and abundance.

  • Redistro operates a free store in Greenfield MA with pop-up open hours and events for the public. 
  • The free store is a membership-based community third space, and members have 24/7 access to use the space for swapping stuff, socializing & coworking. 
  • Redistro offers a decluttering service for individuals downsizing or in transition, integrated with bringing goods for the free store.
Sara Brown & Nina Levison are currently the "benevolent dictators" to make it simpler and easier to get off the ground with less ambiguity and time spent on a structure. However, Sara & Nina are planning to include members of the space into decision-making, structured similarly to a consumer cooperative. And they would love to collaborate with other folks excited about this project so please reach out. 

The current expense is rent for the space, which is $300 / month.

We are fiscally hosted by Help Yourself 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. 
  • Membership
    • Member Benefits: 24/7 access to the space 
    • Fees: $40/month or $100 for 10 passes 
    • Guest Policy: Members have 2 guest passes a month
    • Working Member: 2+ hours/month, and receive access to meeting notes & participation in governance and decision making. 
  • Free store:
    • Pay what you want/by donation
  • Decluttering Service 
  • Grants
We are currently using this open collective page, but stay tuned for more information on our website at We also publicize resources and events on @PVcurb Instagram to help connect people in the community with free things. If you'd like to talk more, please contact [email protected] 

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