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Monthly financial contribution to Regenerate New Zealand ...

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Important details to how the wallet works 🚀🌳

Kia ora! We are super excited that THIS IS THE WEEK THAT WE LAUNCH OUR WALLET to enable you to start contributing towards purchasing our first forest. This email outlines how this will work and once again please poke holes in our methodolog...
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Published on November 10, 2021 by Alexander Scott McCall

How 1,000 Kiwi's can profitably Regenerate New Zealand

Recently we have been inspired to go bigger, learn first - then build, do things that challenge ourselves and include others along the journey. Going slightly crazy in lockdown (as is everyone) we think we might have uncov...
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Published on November 10, 2021 by Alexander Scott McCall


Our Vision

Regenerate New Zealand Pine Tree Blocks back to Native Forests within 100 years, by enabling everyday New Zealanders to profitably invest as little as $20 per week.

The Problem

New Zealand has 400,000 hectares of Small Scale Pine Tree Blocks with no long term regenerative vision.
This is the equivalent land area of 6.5x lake Taupō's or 4x super cities the size of Auckland.
The other 70% of New Zealands Pine Tree Blocks (1.1 Million hectares) are controlled by offshore pension funds and large multinationals from the USA, EU and China.

The Moonshot

$20 per week from 100,000 kiwis will enable us to buy back over $16 Billion of Small Scale New Zealand Pine Tree Blocks over the next 10 years whilst providing a market leading return for our future investors and regenerating our land in the process.

You can read more about our 100 year vision here.

How to contribute

As you are one of the first 200+ Kiwi's whom have signed up for $20 we welcome you to our Open Collective.

What is Open Collective?
Open Collective is a platform for Regenerate NZ to receive track and transparently account for all of the amazing humans contributing to purchasing our first forest.
Think of Open Collective as our collective savings tool. Each Open Collective contributor has their own wallet that they contribute to and this amazing platform tracks how our funds are collectively stacking up.
You can get started towards our first target of $100,000 collective funds by setting up recurring contributions to your wallet via Debit Card or Direct Bank Transfer.

What are the steps to purchasing our first forest?

  1. 100 Kiwi's believed in this vision ✅
  2. 200 Kiwi's believed in this vision ✅
  3. Regenerate NZ wallet turned on so backers can start depositing funds in preparation for our first purchase ✅
  4. Regenerate NZ scopes the most suitable forest for regeneration in the next 6 months to purchase with our collective deposits (Coming soon)
  5. First forest is ready to purchase (Coming soon)
  6. Regenerate NZ Open Collective participants are issued an investment offer in accordance with the Financial Market Conduct Act 2013 to approve investment terms, capital structure and offering. If this is suitable to your expectations you will have the opportunity to either a) contribute funds to this investment or b) choose to have the balance of your wallet returned to your personal bank account. (Coming soon)
As you can see we are over half way there with the enablement of the Regenerate NZ wallet via Open Collective being a big milestone in achieving our 100 year vision.

What is our target?

$100,000 NZD in Open Collective wallets before April 2022
How are we going to hit that?
At a minimum, 200 Kiwi's contributing $20 per week over 25 weeks will enable us to have $100,000 ready to deploy towards our first forest by April 2022
Our ambition at Regenerate NZ is to go beyond this target in the time we have. This will be achieved through one of 3x ways;
  1. Enabling lump sum contributions to wallets (Coming soon)
  2. Increasing number of sign-ups and contributors (Please share with friends and whanau)
  3. Backers increasing their weekly contributions above an average of $20 per week

Financial Disclosure

Regenerate NZ is currently seeking preliminary indications of interest, which can be made via contributing to your wallet via Open Collective.

All funds excluding transaction fees are fully refundable.

Appropriate AML/KYC in accordance with Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 may be requested to withdraw funds.

We are still determining the best structure to put in place for this investment.

No indication of interest will involve an obligation or a commitment to acquire any financial products. No offer of financial products is currently being made and no money is currently being sought for investment. 

Financial products cannot currently be applied for or acquired. Any offer will be made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

Prospective investors should seek advice from a financial advice provider before making an investment decision.

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