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Increase the capacity of frontline/marginalized communities on Turtle Island to shape Resonate Coop as well engage in the broader cooperative ecosystem.


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For Resonate Turtle Island, increasing educational access helps to inform our practice and ensures our decisions are grounded with intentionality.  And, marginalized communities can engage in building our platform in ways that meets their needs. Resonate Turtle Island would like to implement a pilot project where a group traditionally marginalized artists, people interested in development and coding, and listeners are able to participate in a mentorship program where they are able to engage with resonate worker-members to be able learn various aspects of our cooperative and platform. We also hope to hold online workshops, skill-shares, tutorials to further enhance our communities’ development. 
Another mission impact area that Resonate Turtle Island furthers is creating a positive social impact. 
We found that there’s a gap between the people that have time, resources and capacity to engage with developing these technical systems, with people from the frontlines, who traditionally have been excluded, though maybe not overtly intentionally, due to lack of access to resources to engage. Resonate Turtle Island aims to bridge that gap, providing resources for frontline communities to engage with what we’re building.  

This entity is not a for profit entity, but a cooperative ecosystem facilitator, building cooperative infrastructure that supports the engagement, leadership and development of communities come from below.

Turtle Island* = Pan-Indigenous name given to the collective occupied territories of the so-called United States, Mexico, and Canada)

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