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Responsively App v0.12.0 is live!
Published on September 1, 2020 by Manoj Vivek

#New 🎊

- Permission prompts are now displayed when the webpage requests permission for location, notification, etc. 🔓

- Release artifacts now include a portable app build for windows.

#Improvements ✨

- Full-page screenshots are now 3-5x faster, no more staring at the screen capture loader! 🚀

- The page title is added to the address bar suggestions for a nice UX.

- Improved app crash page with instructions to create a GitHub issue.

#Bug Fixes 🐞

- Fixed the address bar bug where the initial highlighted item not loading.

- The in-active devices list order is maintained in the device manager while playing around with the devices.

- Fixed the bug preventing preview of files with `#` in the file name.

- Uninstalling the app on windows now removes the `AppData`.

- Minor code cleanups.