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#New 🎊 - Added design mode that helps you quickly play with the text content on the page. ✍ - Configurable toolbars visibility for a distraction-free work setup. 🧘‍♀️ - Code-signing for the windows app for secure installation and upgrades. #Im...
#New 🎊- Added a light theme(in addition to the existing dark theme) for the app which can be selected from the user preference. 🌗- Network proxy support to connect to a target webpage through a proxy server. 🌐#Improvements ✨- Chocolatey bin...
Responsively App v0.12.0 is live!
Published on September 1, 2020 by Manoj Vivek
#New 🎊- Permission prompts are now displayed when the webpage requests permission for location, notification, etc. 🔓- Release artifacts now include a portable app build for windows.#Improvements ✨- Full-page screenshots are now 3-5x faster,...
Responsively App v0.11.0 is live
Published on August 19, 2020 by Manoj Vivek
Easier dev-tools switching and configurable screenshot strategy 🚀New Features:The dev tools window now has a drop-down menu that lists the devices in preview, this can be used to know the currently active device and switch...
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