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v0.13.0: 🌗 Light theme interface and network proxy support
Published on September 22, 2020 by Manoj Vivek

#New 🎊

- Added a light theme(in addition to the existing dark theme) for the app which can be selected from the user preference. 🌗

- Network proxy support to connect to a target webpage through a proxy server. 🌐

#Improvements ✨

- Chocolatey binary distribution for Windows users who can do `choco install` command to install the app. 

- Eliminated blank UI space for a compacter look on Windows and Linux.✨

#Bug Fixes 🐞

- Fixed the broken resizing handlers for resizeable devices.

- Touch mode toggle button hover bug fixed.

- `http` as default protocol for address with `.localhost` TLD.

- Minor dependency upgrades.

If you are not already auto-updated to v0.13.0, please update it from here -

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