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Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network (RMMAN)

100% solidarity-based and volunteer operated org delivering free groceries to 15-25 households per week in the Denver metro area.


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In April 2020, in response to the hunger crisis worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic, Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid (aka RMMAN, pronounced like “ramen”) began delivering free and fresh groceries to people across the Denver metro area on a weekly basis. Since then, this work has continued on a weekly basis, reaching thousands of people. 

In 2022 alone, over 80 RMMAN volunteers delivered to 3200 individuals and 953 households!  

In partnership with Joy’s Kitchen, an amazing organization that provides and organizes our food boxes, many of our volunteers have also been able to receive free grocery boxes during their shifts, as needed. 

We are seeing a continued need for increasing food access across the Denver metro area for people who self-identify as disabled, immunocompromised or high risk, and/or seniors. 

According to Hunger Free Colorado, 33% of Coloradans lack reliable access to fresh food, 16% of children are not receiving adequate nutrition due to financial constraints, and 20% of adults reported having to cut back or skip meals because there wasn’t enough money to buy food.

We believe that no one should go hungry for any reason and that systemic change requires solidarity across many communities.  We do this work in solidarity with our community.

We do this because WE keep us safe, and communities must provide for each other's survival. 

Find out more and get involved by visiting our website at



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Call for organizers! Join the virtual info session, Weds. Nov. 1st at 6-7pm 💻 ✨🍉

Hello dear community, We're just gonna get right to the point here. We are URGENTLY in need of more organizing members to support the coordination and delivery of free and fresh food to Denver Metro area residents. With a s...
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Reflecting on RMMAN's work in 2022

Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network had a great 2022! Thanks largely to our food rescue partner, Joy’s Kitchen, our steering committee, and our ever-growin...
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Join us on Monday for Regenerative Relating

Each Monday at 6:30 PM MST the Rocky Mtn Pod Project hosts a call where you can connect with others in the network, this is a great way to...
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