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Portmaster Modes


Create different Portmaster Modes for different environments: Gaming, Work, Coffee. Enable them when you start, and revert back and rest easy when you're done.

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With this feature you can have multiple settings per application and quickly change what they are allowed to do. In the beginning this will be manual, so a button in the UI you have to press to activate gaming mode for instance where only some apps can connect to the Internet. Or a coffee shop mode where only the browser has Internet.

In the future, we want to also add triggers where things can change depending on the network you are in or the time of the day. But in this project, the start of this will be kicked off.

We had the idea of adaptive changes in Portmaster from the get go. But our early attempts have proven to be somewhat confusing and we deprecated that feature almost 2 years ago.

As with all these projects, we might add them eventually, but with your contribution you can tell us that you want them now and when the full 10k are in, we will start working on it asap. So, if you want to see it sooner, tell your friends to donate here as well.

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