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Fiscal Host: Levi

Provides community-created resources, guides, tools, and more to Final Fantasy XIV Players


SaltedXIV’s core principle is making community created content, tools, and assets, freely and readily available for all Final Fantasy XIV players. Any and all content that has a net benefit to the community can have a home and be easily found. 
Current Site Cost: about $1200 a year

Our discord also features over 100 XIV-style job blob emojis with more continually being added until we hit the server cap! Feel free to join for the community or just the emotes.

If we're in the world of talking about big dreams, I'd love to be able to turn this project into one that pays the site writers and contributors for their content! And one I can turn into a full time job for myself. If we one day can make that a reality, open collective may be one platform used to making that earning potential a reality for writers!

How to Support

SaltedXIV wouldn’t exist with the many amazing content creators of our community continually making fantastic creations worth sharing. Working on SaltedXIV has become a full time job, on top of my full time job, to make a platform where not only can this content be showcased, but creators can come together and actively create and maintain their content on this platform.

Currently all costs associated with the site have come directly from my own pocket, and as the site has eaten up all my free time, I haven't been able to pick up side jobs or part time jobs to help cover the costs or help with bills! If you'd like to offset some of the costs, any support is appreciated.

Current Yearly Costs Associated with SaltedXIV
The site and project are constantly growing and improving, and I log all my expenses on this site. Expenses includes hosting, premium plugins, improvements like CloudFlare, and the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that enables me to work on all the creative elements for SaltedXIV!

​"Budget" on OpenCollective is a bit of a misnomer, as it doesn't reflect the total costs needed for the year, but rather the total expenses covered so far. The total cost can be calculated if you add this budget value to ​expenses with the "approved" status on them. Those are the ones without funds to cover that I've paid for out of my own pocket.

I'm always looking for ways to improve so depending on affordability these costs may increase!

About Levi

Most of the community knows me as Levi, or Alevia Rohan on the Leviathan server. I’ve been the White Mage mentor on the Balance for a few years now, and enjoy helping others learn to play in a way that makes them enjoy the game even more. You may also know me for the adorable robed comfy job blob emojis, or my White Mage twist on the iconic Morton’s Salt girl.

In my off-gamer time, I work full time as a web editor, juggling content strategy, marketing, PR, social media, a bit of design, and whatever else is thrown my way. I decided to put my real-world experience to use in creating this site. 

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Debit from SaltedXIV to Levi

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Debit from SaltedXIV to Levi

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