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Sarah Ecolano



Sarah, is a generational life-time fisher(wo)man born and raised in remote Alaska, with decades of experience in sustainable wild catch, independent small-boat fisheries. She is also the founder of Copper River Fish Market a mission driven seafood business that is in a growth stage directed at increasing food security and gender and racial equity in the seafood supply chain. 

Mission Statement 
Copper River Fish Market seeks to be a low-barrier contract manufacturer that incubates and scales BIPOC+, independent small-boat fishing families. We seek to activate a community-oriented production facility that flips the narrative on the co-packing experience and centers it on the fisherman, not the middleman. 

Beyond seafood product creation and reduced food waste we also intend to develop a catch inventory aggregation and management software and host platform to facilitate a direct to consumer sales platform with a learning platform for small-boat fishing families to offer solutions and guidance from catch to DTC end delivery. 
This is a fisher(wo)man led BIPOC initiative that will remove entry barriers, increase earnings of small-boat fishers while reducing food waste, prevent food insecurity and foster a more equitable and diverse seafood products industry. 
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