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Cash Assitance Program: Wildcat Strike Support
Published on April 19, 2023 by Brandi Alduk

Hey y'all,
I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who has donated to the Downstate NY Solidarity fund. We've decided to expand how workers can receive access to the funds by developing a cash assistance program that used Venmo and Cashapp as options for workers to receive their funds. This is specifically for workers who cannot get their strike authorized by our union. 

Usually, there are multiple workers needing funds and people feel most comfortable receiving those funds from a worker at their particular store. The Wildcat Strike Support will continue until Starbucks Workers are able to procure a contract. Wildcat strikes are also less planned so receiving funds as soon as possible becomes a higher priority as workers were not prepared for the loss of pay. 

This form of support is most beneficial to the continual support to Starbucks worker-organizers in the Downstate NY region.

Brandi Alduk (Astoria Blvd Starbucks Worker Organizer)