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Invoice #77576 to Scuttlebutt Maintenance

Updating ssb-ahoy

Invoice #77576

Submitted by Mix IrvingApproved by Mix Irving

May 19, 2022

Invoice items
update ssb-ahoy electron version, simplify API for newer devs
Date: May 19, 2022
$500.00 NZD

Total amount $500.00 NZD

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Open Collective

By Mix Irvingon
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By Mix Irvingon
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By Alanna Irvingon
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Expense Amount: $500.00
Payment Processor Fee: $0.00
Net Amount for Scuttlebutt Maintenance: $500.00

Collective balance
$9,559.22 NZD

Fiscal Host

Expense policies

These funds exist to support "maintenance" within the scuttlebutt ecosystem. This is broadly activities which improve existing scuttlebutt experiences around e.g. development, security of software, accessibility.

Examples of what we've funded:
  • documentation for libraries (existing, and new)
  • bug fixes / security patches
  • writing / animation which make p2p concepts more accessible
  • a tool which supports key backup

Some of these projects have been things which support maintainability in the long term. e.g. if people know what to expect from a pub,
then they will be less surprised by actual system behaviour, which means less problem solving further down the track. Similarly helping people recover their keys has been a common problem. Guides are funded because they are higher level documentation, and also, the more accessible the ecosystem, the more people we will have to support maintenance.

Examples of things this OC does not fund:
  • new features
  • research of new concept


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Collective balance

$9,559.22 NZD

Fiscal Host: