Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium Collective

A distributed and secure peer to peer social network

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A distributed and secure peer to peer social network

Scuttlebutt is an ecosystem designed and built for off-grid living, interstellar travel, and disaster resilience. It's form also happens to do away with the walled-garden model which warps platforms with things like advertising, addiction-driven-design, and lock-ins.

Come play a game of chess, or commit some code, or hang out with your family and discuss gender-identity, solarpunk, or vegan-junkfood.

Why should you fund this?

If you use Scuttlebutt (with a client like Patchwork) and believe in the future being built, this is an easy way to help.

If you are a dev, coop, or company building tech on the Scuttlebutt stack, help give back - the stack is all Free and Open Source.

What does this fund?

There are lots of things to improve in the ecosystem, such as:

  • Better documentation
  • Improving onboarding performance (initial sync)
  • Squashing bugs
  • Support for different transports (e.g. Bluetooth LE, UTP, WebRTC)
  • Plugins for muting, blocking, and removing undesired content
  • Seamless integration with CJDNS
  • More tools for pub servers
  • ssb-viewer (HTML portal for pub servers) and git-ssb improvements
  • etc!

There are so many #somebodyshould tagged ideas that would be amazing to nail. Let's collect them and start making the scutleverse ever more awesome.

Who are The Consortium?

Scuttlebutt is the underlying protocol and database. The Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium (SSBC) is a group of some of the programmers and community-gardeners who have been heavily involved with the development of the tools and the growth of the social space. It's these lovely people here.

We've had experience with receiving and distributing grants over the past year, and are excited to use Open Collective to help make our process more transparent.


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