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Supporting groups and communities devoiced and most harmed by our dominant global systems to strengthen their community-led and environment-led endeavours.


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Update: May 2023 (1st three month update)

Dive in here to read all about Seaspray's first three months!
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Published on May 23, 2023 by Anna-Marie Swan


The Seaspray Collective is a vehicle for me, Anna-Marie Swan, to offer my facilitation and consultancy services to groups, communities, and organisations that are economically- and politically-marginalised by dominant systems, at no cost to them and a very limited payment rate for me.

Head to my profile website and my LinkedIn page to read more about my work.

Seaspray clients are:
  • Groups and communities devoiced and most harmed by our dominant global systems.
  • Non-profit groups, communities, and organisations committed to creating and nurturing community-led, stewardship-based systems and structures, whether local or regional, such as applying Eleanor Ostrom’s principles for managing organisations and communities as a Commons, Doughnut Economics, or community building and activism.
These groups, communities, and organisations will have to have fair and transparent finances so that we can best try to ensure that these donations and subscriptions are utilised as they should be.

Interested in becoming a Seaspray client? Head here.

An exchange based on the living wage
Donations to the Seaspray Collective will be allocated to client services. I will then invoice my hours with these clients at the hourly living rate outside of London, currently £10.90 per hour (see The Living Wage Foundation).

So, if a client through Seaspray wanted 10 hours of consultation and facilitation, then my invoice to Seaspray would be 10 hours x £10.90 = £109.00.

Basic travel and accommodation costs, such as third-class train tickets, coach tickets, bus tickets, or (if necessary) flying coach, along with a simple food and drink allocation, will also be allocated.  I will try to minimise travel and accommodation but working in person in a group can make a really big difference compared to being on Zoom.

You can access all financial transactions here.

In summary, gifts and subscriptions via Seaspray will be utilised as follows:

Clients that cannot afford the services will get facilitation and consultant services at no direct cost to them.

I will receive the current living wage per hour for my services, along with any necessary basic travel, food, and accommodation costs (invoiced to the Seaspray Open Collective account).

Anyone can see the accounts by going to Seaspray’s Open Collective page. I also post three-monthly updates here and on my Substack about subscriptions and gifts raised and how they’ve been allocated to clients, as well as reflections and adjustments as I learn from this experiment.

Dive into the backstory of the Seaspray Collective and how it collects and distributes donations here. We also collect donations in crypto, though please consider how high gas fees can be to utilise crypto: 0x915f6bfd244c245be0c100E0f3ae6Fe4D7b888DF

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