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Sedale Turbovsky



Sedale Turbovsky grew up in the rural Sierra Nevada's in the town of Greenwood, CA. This tiny community served as a catalyst and inspiration for the way Sedale has lived his life. One of the things that most impressed Sedale during his time in Greenwood was the fierce independence of these people who had chosen to build their lives so far away from the hubs of commerce and activities that exist in places nearby like San Francisco and Sacramento. 

As a child growing up Sedale developed a passion for the outdoors. He has been an entrepreneur since childhood. After high school, he quickly grew bored in college and dropped out. He spent some time honing his leadership skills as an outdoor guide leading rafting and kayaking expeditions around the world. His work as a river guide took him all over the world, but he continued to land back in one place, Potrerillos, Argentina, in the province of Mendoza. It was there that Sedale began working on his first endeavor in the tech world, Guerrilla Digital. 

Over the years Sedale and his business partner, Todd Trauman, worked for a variety of clients as contractors, eventually developing a portfolio that included notable companies like Momentum, Anaergia, Thermogenesis, Athena Intelligence & Waffle. During this time, Sedale also built an incredible team that grew to include Hunter Petersen, Cody Hanson and Pachia Cha. Ultimately, the company was successful enough that it was spun off into a full digital agency, known today as REVrnt. 

Currently, Sedale Turbovsky is the CEO and co-founder of OpenGrants, a venture-backed startup focused on building modern infrastructure for grant funding.  Prior to OpenGrants, Sedale served as the CEO of carbonBLU, a venture, and grant-backed SaaS startup solving challenges in fleet management. Sedale led the company through MVP and helped secure a healthy pipeline of government contracts. During that time, he gained intimate knowledge of the challenges and pitfalls of applying for and managing grant funding as a technology startup, which was the impetus for OpenGrants. 

He is experienced in independent grant writing and public/private partnerships at the highest level, having worked directly with OpenGrants’ current strategic partner, Momentum in the development of multiple successful grant applications. He is also well-versed in working across cultures and environments, with over five years’ experience as a consultant in Argentina and Chile. You can read some about his adventures on his blog ModernZen. 

Sedale brings with him a history of leading successful teams, experience with—and deep connections to—the public sector, and a passion for building companies with a strong social mission. Some of his super powers include fundraising, team building, no-code wizardry and the ability to run on less sleep than most other humans. 

Sedale is a founding fellow of the OnDeck Climate Tech fellowship and an ardent advocate for economic empowerment and innovation as economic development.