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Selfhood is a movement that is transforming how the world sees and experiences gender by training individuals to become agents of change for gender equality.


Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary?

We show up to fight misogyny because we must, but to take our activism to the next level, we need your support. We’re a small but mighty team fighting misogyny, gender norms and injustice in all its forms. But we can't do it without you.

Together, we are the architects of progress, the pioneers of change, and the champions of a world redefined. We do as much as we can operating on a shoestring budget. But an issue this big needs a well-resourced opponent.

Donate today and help build a brighter, freer, and more equal tomorrow.

Based on feedback, we are focusing and putting more resource into our campaigning and activist training workshops. Thanks everyone for your input and support. 

  • Operational Costs for the next 12 months (including website hosting fee, G Suite, design software, and admin costs): £4,500
  • Political and movement building campaigning activities and events to address the systemic causes of transphobia, misogyny, and patriarchy:  £5,500
  • Activist training workshops and resources: £7,500

Note: Selfhood operates as an unregistered charity but we maintain full transparency in our governance and finances. In the UK, charities can be registered or unregistered as long as they have charitable purposes and follow with charity law which Selfhood fully complies with. For organisational transparency, all our funding is managed on this platform. We do not and cannot access it without due diligence. 

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Break Barriers

With your donation, we can create digital content to raise awareness of our cause.

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Smash Sexism

This donation helps us create resources and toolkits for local activists and utilise web and design tools to build impactful campaigns.

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£15 GBP / month

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Love Liberation

Your gift enables us to lobby government and influence policy to build a world where there is freedom for every individual, regardless of gender id... Read more

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£30 GBP / month

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Misogynist extremists are radicalising boys and young men to hate women and girls - and anyone wh...

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