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Help fund the next step of SEMF development! Every individual donation will be doubled by a generous matching donation scheme.

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Gain access to a SEMF-hosted meeting with experts on a topic of your choice (either private or livestreamed).

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Bring your ideas to SEMF! Gain the opportunity to work with the SEMF team to ideate and design future events and activities.

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Why support SEMF?

Since its creation a couple of years back, the Society for Multidisciplinary and Fundamental Research (SEMF) has been running on the good will and financial support of its founding members. Following our recent legal constitution, SEMF is now ready to enter its new phase of operations.

Organizing transdisciplinary events that foster intellectual cross-pollination and maintaining a thriving global community takes considerable effort and resources. We consider the funds that we can obtain via this Funding Campaign as a necessary step towards becoming a sustainable organization that continues to offer events, activities and community experiences of ever-increasing quality and accessibility.

More concretely, we plan to:
  • Produce a professional-level podcast with regular releases.
  • Develop a tool to map out complex interdisciplinary discourse over time.
  • Cover travel expenses to enable high-profile speakers to attend onsite events.
  • Establish network hubs with regular local events in cities around the world (Madrid, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Paris, Munich, Boston, Edinburgh...).

We need your help for this new step in SEMF's development.

There two ways to get involved:
  • We are extremely grateful if you can make a financial contribution in this Funding Campaign.
  • You can spread the word about SEMF and reach out to those who may be in the position to contribute.

If you can give to SEMF, we are very happy to announce that a group of donors (who prefer to remain anonymous) have generously offered a matching donation scheme by which each contribution will be doubled up to a total maximum of 10,000€. This is a unique opportunity to make your contribution much more impactful for the future of SEMF.

If you want to know more about how your contributions will be used at SEMF you can join our regular Fun Raising livestreams on Fridays at 19:00 UTC:

To learn about our mission, events and projects please feel free to explore our website:

In particular, here are some financial details:

For an in-depth sumamry of SEMF's activity and statistics see our recent internal report:

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