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Sequoia Fabrica

A 501c3 nonprofit community workshop for makers, designers, artists and craftspeople in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood.

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Events and classes take our time and resources to provide. We charge fees for classes to cover the cost of resources, and we donate our time. Howev... Read more

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We want to democratize small scale knitwear production through affordable industrial machines and open source software. Help us raise $4000 to impo... Read more

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Help us live the dream of owning our own frickin' laser cutter! This sweet slice-and-dice machine will let us channel our inner Dr. Evil and make a... Read more

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We’re starting a new community workshop in SF, and we need your help! We've signed a lease and we need $15,000 to cover our initial expenses. W... Read more

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We want to democratize small scale knitwear production through affordable industrial machines and...


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We are Sequoia Fabrica, a new San Francisco-based collective seeking to establish a community workshop with a focus on hands-on building and learning.


  • Can I donate by check, bank transfer, Venmo, etc?
    Sure. Reach out to us directly and we'll get you details!

  • Are you a 501(c)(3)?
    We are a California Public Benefit Corporation and tax deductible 501(c)(3) charity. Our EIN is 93-4496044.

  • Why are you starting another space?
    We think there is room for more workshops and models to exist in San Francisco!

    We’ve all taught and worked at other maker spaces and learned a lot about what works and what does not from these experiences. We want to create a clean, safe environment where our members and visitors can focus on learning, sharing, and making things. 

  • How is your group structured?

    Our Members
    meet regularly to discuss matters that affect the whole community. Members elect our Board and Officers and can propose topics for discussion during meetings.

    The Board guides the strategic direction of our workshop and is empowered to take executive action to complete necessary tasks and ensure Sequoia Fabrica operates smoothly.

    Groves are interest groups, made up of members, that manage areas of our workshop. Groves are given authority to handle day-to-day needs. For example, a Laser Grove might be responsible for safety and maintenance of a laser cutter. 

  • How will membership work?
    Members will complete an application, sign up to pay monthly dues, and must be approved by our board & membership. In return they will receive an access token, can host workshops and use our shared equipment.

    Members can make proposals at our meetings and elect our board and officers. 

    We ask that Members join a Grove (interest group) and contribute to the upkeep of our shared space! Hosting classes is encouraged, you don’t need to be an expert.

  • How much will membership cost?
    We’re aiming for standard monthly dues similar to other Bay Area workshops, ~$150 a month. 

    We offer a discounted rate at $100 month and are committed to serving our community, are working to build a sustainable institution and find ways so that no one is turned away from tools and knowledge due to lack of funds.

  • How can I access the space?
    We will be open to the general public for regular, hosted events, and will partner with other community groups. If you’d like access to the space or use our equipment at other times, you should become a member!