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SerialPort 9x
Published on May 10, 2020 by Francis Gulotta

Hi Everyone, Serialport 9x is now released. This is a minor change with a big impact. We now support Electron 8 with ABI v76 🎉

This change also fixes our build on Node 14. The reason this is a major release is that we've dropped Node 8 as it's no longer LTS. Additionally we can no longer provide 32 Bit prebuilds for linux. We officaially dropped 32bit support for linux last year when NodeJS dropped support, but since the binaries were still available we kept building with them. They're not availble for node 14 and we now have to build our prebuilds with node 14 so there's not much we can do.

Thanks to everyone in #2031 for working the issue, especially Panu Horsmalahti for letting me know that prebuild was out of date and making it easy to upgrade.