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[email protected] has been released 🎉

New low latency mode! 32bit windows builds return!?...
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Published on February 22, 2021 by Francis Gulotta

Async Rust and Node SerialPort

This year I took some time around the holidays to do some learning. Like last year I dove into rust but I didn’t go into it cold this t...
Read more
Published on January 14, 2021 by Francis Gulotta

[email protected]

[email protected].1 has been released 🎉It's a maintenance release. It fixes the disconnect event on linux and unix based systems that broke in 9.0.0 and adds support for electron v9.On a personal note. I haven't been able to give SerialPort as...
Read more
Published on August 8, 2020 by Francis Gulotta


Node Serialport is a collection of JavaScript packages created to make working with serial ports easier for JavaScript. We currently work in Node.js and Electron but are pushing the W3C Web Serial Spec, serial port support in libuv via the Node.js hardware working group and will be supporting serial port efforts in upcoming wasm runtimes and the work of TC53 ECMAScript Modules for Embedded Systems.

The goal is that you'll always be able to use JavaScript to control serial ports, everywhere. The web technologies you use to develop your apps, products, and IOT devices will always be able to interact with the physical world. We should eventually be supported enough that the node Serialport project can cease to exist.

We count on your support to pay the people develop Node Serialport and work on the ecosystem projects that further our goals. In addition to buying test equipment and hiring contractors as needed.

Our two funding goals;

  • Hosting and Hardware: This covers our test, build and deployment infrastructure costs, and buying test hardware. It will let us keep supporting as many platforms and devices as we do.
  • Development Fund: This money is used for hiring developers to continue to develop and maintain node Serialport, the web-serialport spec, libuv and nodejs projects to better support serialport use with JavaScript.

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