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Seriaport Winter Update
Published on December 25, 2019 by Francis Gulotta

SerialPort 8.x has been released! 🎉

The biggest change in 8x is our version numbers. We now user lerna's "fixed versioning" to allow for a much easier documentation experience. This makes all our packages share a version number when they're released. Our website now has versioned docs so you can see what they looked like for the version of serialport you're using today. (Check out our 7x docs if you still need them.)

With this change we've moved a centralized changelog have moved all previous release notes there. We also moved the website to it's own repo.

A few breaking api changes have been introduced over the 8x beta releases. You can find out more about them in the Upgrade Guide.

We dropped node6 support and now support node12 (and we work on node 13) which allowed us to migrate to async/await. The reduced a fair bit of code and was a welcome change.

Windows got a few notable bug fixes from contributors and RTS/CTS flow control should now work as expected.

And lastly our CI system has mostly been moved to GitHub Actions, they are much much faster than our travis/appveyor combo and cheaper too (free!). We still pay for Appveyor because we still use them with travis for binary builds. When that process is migrated we should be able to drop both services completely.

This is also our first major release since starting the serialport collective! Like a lot of projects we rely on volunteers, students, professionals and the backing of companies using the project for their businesses. If you find serialport helpful, please read about why you might want to donate to the project and our project's goals.

Thanks to @boneskull, @BryanHunt, @hipsterbrown, @Holger-Will, @icebob, @jacobq, @jowy, @krutkay, @maxvgi, @nornagon, @podarok, @reconbot, and @warp for their help with this release!

And Thanks to our first 5 open collective backers for help with sustaining this project!