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A chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA).


The Socialist Rifle Association of the San Francisco Bay Area promotes and advocates for the 
right of the poor and working class, people of color, trans and queer people, indigenous 
peoples, and non-men to community and self-defense. The Chapter seeks to provide a positive, 
leftist space for the discussion of firearms and other means of self defense. The Chapter 
additionally seeks to provide members with the ability to learn other valuable skills, such as first 
aid, radio operation, disaster response, and community advocacy.

We are working class and poor people dedicated to educating our class in the safe use of 
firearms for personal and community self-defense as well as encouraging and enabling 
education of all manner of skills related to community defense such as disaster relief, medicine, 
and agriculture. We are a multi-tendency association of Social Democrats, Communists, and 
Anarchists, etc. united by class, for our class. We respect one another’s political stances and 
differences, especially when we disagree.

We are dedicated to Liberation and Freedom of ALL people and therefore oppose all forms of 
oppression and exploitation.

We are party to our local communities and act as such. We volunteer in various ways to further 
the connections between leftist political radicals and the unorganized communities in which we 
live. We help feed, house and protect other working class and marginalized folks. 
We stand against the disarmament of the working class. We are dedicated to arming the 
working class, both physically and mentally. 

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Feb 2022 Fundraiser Status Updates

Hello! Apologies for lack of updates. Fire season turned out more moderate last summer so mask distributions were not a high priority. Now with a dry winter and the recent virus variant there is an increased need for KN95/N95 masks. A summa...
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Published on February 1, 2022 by M.C. O'Neill

Fundraiser Stickers though OffColorDecals!

One of our talented chapter members designed a sticker for this years fundraiser! Thanks to the OffColorDecals "Community Spotlight" program 100% the profits from its sales will go towards the fundraiser. The stickers can be purchased here:...
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Published on July 16, 2021 by M.C. O'Neill

Smoke Mask Fundraiser 2021 - Introduction

Hello! The SF Bay Area chapter of the SRA will be hosting our smoke mask fundraiser this year though Open Collective. All funds collected though this page will go towards supplying N95 or KN95 filter masks to protect against wildfire smoke....
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Published on July 12, 2021 by M.C. O'Neill