Open Collective
Open Collective
Feb 2022 Fundraiser Status Updates
Published on February 1, 2022 by M.C. O'Neill

Hello! Apologies for lack of updates. Fire season turned out more moderate last summer so mask distributions were not a high priority. Now with a dry winter and the recent virus variant there is an increased need for KN95/N95 masks. 
 A summary of what has happened since last update: 
  • The sticker sales raised $120 for the fundraiser! I am in communication with the vendor to get that transferred properly.
  • The SF Bay Chapter preemptively made a ~$382 purchase of 480 N95 masks in case a fire incident occurred before this fundraiser could purchase masks on its own. Those masks arrived safely and the chapter has now been reimbursed thanks to the fundraiser. We are planning one of the first distributions of these masks at an encampment in Fremont that requested them. 
  • One of the last batches of masks from prior fundraisers has been delivered to People's Park in Berkeley. We are in contact with groups aiding the park for future mask distributions as well. 
Goals for 2022 will be to spend the remaining sticker + open collective funds on KN95 and/or N95 masks in preparation for the next fire season. Also reaching out to local groups that may need masks for either virus or fire reasons. 
 If you know of any groups that may be interested in helping distribute masks do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected]