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Zeit domain hosting (+ a couple experiments)

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web services

Submitted by Paul Melnikow on June 25, 2019

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No description providedDate: 6/25/2019

$5.85 USD

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$5.85 USD

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Open Source Collective 501(c)(6)

EIN 82-2037583 340 S LEMON AVE #3717 Walnut, CA 91789 USA


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Alanna Irving

Posted on June 28, 2019

I'm letting it slide because this is such a small expense, but next time we actually need the receipts that are linked from where it says "PDF" on that image. You can put them all together into one document instead of doing a seperate one for each charge. Thanks!

Expense paid

Paul Melnikow

Posted on June 28, 2019

Gotcha. Will do. It's also a bit of work to redact the contact info from those PDFs. I guess that's the flip side of transparency…

Alanna Irving

Posted on June 28, 2019

FYI attachments are not public. Only the submitter, Collective admin, and host admin (me) will be able to see them. So no need to redact them if your concern was that they'd be public.

Paul Melnikow

Posted on June 28, 2019

That's really good to know! Would be helpful to add that text to the site :)

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Fiscal Host: Open Source Collective 501(c)(6)

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Collective balance

$1,578 USD