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Professional English Teacher from United States
Simion Kronenfeld. Living in San Jose, Costa Rica
If you’re looking for a professional polyglot who can  teach you to maximize your communication skills, you’re in luck, because I am NOT one of those “digital nomads” who are just interested in funding their country-of-the-month lifestyle. My experience (decades, not months or years) learning languages & teaching teenagers & adults proves me to be a language nerd who knows how to teach.
Would you like a teacher who actually knows how to learn languages — and is doing so successfully? If so, you’re the kind of student I love working with. 
Now, I’ve moved on to learning Hebrew and 中文, so I’m always testing and refining new strategies & tactics to benefit my students. Pronunciation is my favorite “hack” — master it now, before learning thousands of words with bad pronunciation, and your path will be a lot easier. It’s not so much about accent, but we really need to prioritize pronunciation, because your pronunciation is the pronunciation you expect to hear, so if your pronunciation is off, your listening will be 10x more difficult. Fix your pronunciation now, and you’ll be a lot happier!