Open Collective
Open Collective
4/13/20 Update
Published on April 13, 2020 by Adam Bergstein

An update from SimplyTest maintainers AmyJune and Adam:

In late 2019, joined OpenCollective (, allowing transparency around accepting donations and creating expenses.  The Open Collective Foundation ( is a 501(c)(3) organization collecting these contributions on our behalf. Because of this, contributions to through OpenCollective are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.

Supporting our project through the collective allows us to make strategic investments and maintain our critical infrastructure. It also allows us to fund community members who contribute to design, code, and marketing. 

Since November 2019, through the support of 16 individuals, 4 DrupalCamps and 3 organizations, we raised $3605.00. The Organizations include The Drupal Association (, Tugboat/Lullabot (, and Centarro (

Thanks to the efforts of AmyJune Hineline (volkswagenchick (, the Community Ambassador for Kanopi Studios (, several North American Drupal Camps have adopted Contribution Day Sponsor packages. These packages not only fund a room for contributions but a portion of the money goes toward the tools that folks use while contributing. This enables the collaboration and participation in issue queues and the First Time Contributor Workshops. Specifically, donations are sent to and the Contrib Kanban (

Through that effort, BADCamp (, Midcamp (, DrupalCamp Asheville (, and Florida DrupalCamp ( have all made contributions totaling $625.00.  Kanopi Studios and Acquia ( picked up those sponsorship packages which ultimately made the donations possible.

The following is a breakdown of the funds collected:

  • $505 - Individual sponsorships
  • $2475 - Organization sponsorships
  • $625 - Camp sponsorships

With the funds collected, we were able to offset maintenance costs. We also funded Community developers for their efforts of porting the project to Drupal 9 and redesign the User Interface.

Some numbers:

Please consider supporting our project at if you like what we do. is fully volunteer and has no personal profit. All funds will be used to further the project in one form or another.