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@sinonjs/referee-sinon v5.0.0 released
Published on December 17, 2018 by Maximilian Antoni

If you're a Sinon user, you may be interested in referee-sinon, which bundles Sinon and Referee in one package, so you only need a single dependency. It ships with additional assertions for Sinon fakes, like assert.calledOnceWith(stub, 1, 2) or refute.called(spy).

With this latest major release, it includes the latest Sinon (7.2) and Referee (3.1) versions. A highlight is the unified match interface which now let's you use any of the Sinon matchers in assert.equals and refute.equals.

You can import all the tools you need with a single destructuring assignment like this:

const { assert, refute, match, sinon } = require("@sinonjs/referee-sinon");

Give it a try and star the project on GitHub: