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We are running a fundraiser to produce better documentation for Sinon, making it easier to use for everyone. Please see details at Thank you 🙇‍♂️
If you're a Sinon user, you may be interested in referee-sinon, which bundles Sinon and Referee in one package, so you only need a single dependency. It ships with additional assertions for Sinon fakes, like assert.calledOnceWith(stub, 1...
With the latest releases, the Sinon matchers are now shared through @sinonjs/samsam and can be used in @sinonjs/referee as well. Matchers allow you to be more fuzzy about the expected value. const { assert, match } = require("@sinonjs/re...
v5.0.1 is on npm
Published on April 30, 2018 by Morgan Roderick
This morning we have released v.5.0.1, new major version, to npm. It contains a few notable changes and a new feature: sinon object is now a (default) sandbox, making your setup easier sinon.fake creates immutable fakes, lots easier to u...
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