Open Collective
Open Collective
Hello world Open Collective!
Published on June 15, 2019 by Nguyen Dang Khoa

Hi all,

My name is Khoa Nguyen. I'm a freelancer from Viet Nam. I built last summer as a interactive playground for ReasonML and OCaml.

The goal of the project is simple: everything should be evaluated inside your browser. The server is used for saving the sketches you created.

Currently, you can't save new sketches because I've reached the 10,000 rows limit of Heroku Postgres free plan.

The next tier of Heroku Postgres is Basic which costs $9 per month and it's too much for me to pay for it.

So I created this Open Collective in the hope that the community will support me with's hosting cost.

Thank you.

Open Collective
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