Open Collective
Open Collective
2023 Year in Review
Published on December 24, 2023 by breadchris

Hey y'all!

This has been a fascinating year connecting with SMCS alums and seeing the overwhelming support from everyone. Everyone's donations have given the teachers of SMCS the much-needed peace of mind when it comes to executing their ideas that make our program unique:

  • Senior mentors and freshman mentees got their critical social lubricant: pizza.
  • The 3D printers, which bring those dreaded CAD drawings to life, got repaired.
  • Computer parts for building some crazy gadgets are now available for students to play with.
  • For those interested in checking out all the expenses, you can check them out here.

Starting this collective has been nothing short of a great idea. We want to make sure that the expenses that are filed and approved follow, in proper SMCS form, a repeatable process that is fair and stands the test of time. We are still building this process out and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas!

For this coming year, we want to continue to build out the network of SMCS alums and understand what benefits we could offer that would be of value. I am super stoked that SMCS has an Instagram account now. Being able to relive the excitement of the learning process with none of the heartbreak has been great :)

Happy New Year!