Open Collective
Open Collective
Update 05/17/23
Published on May 19, 2023 by Ishan Khetarpal

On 05/17/23, Chris and Ishan met virtually to discuss further direction of the SMCS Alumni Collective. 

Action items following the meeting are as follows:

  • (Ishan) informally poll teachers for ideas for projects
  • (Ishan) determine how to provide SSL hours to students, with an eye towards utilization of student social media talent
  • (Ishan) Obtain a domain name and set up Google Workspace for the organization, with the workspace being controlled by the organization and no single individual able to lockout the account
  • (Ishan) Speak with members from Blair Magnet Foundation to determine what projects they generally approve and which ones they don't approve, with an eye towards drafting an expenses policy
  • (Chris) Promote the collective and solicit further donations
  • (Chris) Solicit further members who may wish to take an admin role in the collective
  • (Chris) Study the history of the Blair Magnet Foundation and its projects
  • (Chris) Plan a newsletter, consider including info in each newsletter about who has already joined, consider sending newsletter to alums who are in contact but have not joined the collective

The following ideas have been tabled to be revisited later:

  • Membership directory -- questions about ensuring member privacy, how to integrate with OpenCollective login, how to enforce that only alums/members can access/contribute to the directory