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Our aim is to make a seamless interface to StackOverflow via the terminal.


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SoCLI is all of us

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Thank you for supporting SoCLI.


Stack overflow command line written in python. Using SoCLI you can search and browse stack overflow without leaving the terminal. Just use the socli command:

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Supported platforms
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • python 2+
For Linux

Install python and just use pip command to install socli:

sudo apt-get install python python-pip
sudo pip install socli
For Windows Method 1 (Using Installer Easy way)

Download and install the latest release of SoCLI-Setup.exe for windows. It is a self contained package with all the required dependencies. This package also contain auto updater for SoCLI.

Method 2 (Using PIP)

Download and install python. Dont forget to check the option "Add to path".

Open a command prompt with administrative privileges and use pip command to install socli:

pip install socli

Use easy_install if your python path have a space in it Read more:"Failed to create process":

easy_install socli
For Mac (via homebrew)

Install python and socli:

brew install python
easy_install pip
pip install socli


Use the command below to update your existing version of socli to the newest version, so that you won't miss any features:

sudo pip install --upgrade socli


Quick search

Just use socli command followed by the search query:

socli for loop in python syntax

The above command will search for the query "for loop in python syntax" and displays the first most voted question in stack overflow with its most voted answer. Pretty quick, right?

Interactive search

You can search the stack overflow interactively by using the command below:

socli -iq html error 404

This will display a list of questions from stack overflow for the query "html error 404" and it will allow you to choose any of the question you like interactively. When you chose a question, it will display the complete description of the chosed question with its most voted answer. Now you can browse through all the answers of that questions on stack overflow interactively.

Manual search

This will allow you to choose a question number for example:

socli -r 2 -q javascript porotype function

Will search for "javascript porotype function" in stack overflow and displays the second question that contains it.

Topic based search

Stack overflow supports topic by using tags. socli allows you to query stack overflow based on specific tags. Just specify the tag via the following command:

socli -t javascript -q

You can also specify multiple tags, Just seporate them with a comma:

socli -t javascript,node.js -q

See the complete list of tags here.

New question

If you can't find an answer for your question in stack overflow, socli allows you to creata a new question via the web browswer. Just type the command below and socli will open the new question page of stack overflow in the web browser for you:

socli -n


socli has the following syntax

Usage: socli [ Arguments] < Search Query >
Arguments (optional)

| Short | Long | Description | Example | |--------|--------|--------|--------| | -q | --query | Used to specify the query when arguments are used. A query value must be passed to it. If it is used alone (socli -q query) then it will display the same result as "socli query". | socli -i -q query | | -i | --interactive | Used to search interactively. It doesnt take any values. It must be followed by a -q or --query after it. | socli -i -q query | | -r | --res | Used for manual search. It takes the question number as the argument and it must be followed by a -q or --query after it. | socli -r 4 -q query | | -t | --tag | Specifies the tag to search for the query on stack overflow. It must be followed by a -q or --query after it. | socli -t js -q query | | -n | --new | Opens the web browser to create a new question on stack overflow. | socli --new | | -h | --help | Displays the help text. | socli --help |


It refers to query to search in stack overflow.


These are the amazing features of socli:

  • Manual Search
  • Interactively browse stack overflow using the interactive mode
  • Coloured interface
  • Question stats view
  • Tag support
  • Can open the page in a browser
  • Can create a new question via the web browser

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