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An Open Space Unconference on the Software Making Craft. Join us on Crete: 25 - 28 Oct 2024!

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Open Space Unconference on Software Making Craft - 2024 edition
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An Open Space Unconference on the Software Making Craft. Join us on Crete: 29 June - 2 July 2023!

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SoCraTes Crete 2023 Dates Announced!

tl;drSave the date!! New SoCraTes Crete event : 29 June - 2 JulySoCraTes Crete is being spinned off from to its own, separate event.New Org Team is being put together: If you would like to in...
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Published on January 10, 2023 by Yorgos Saslis


Open Space Unconferences are inclusive events that promote active participation and interactive learning compared to passive listening which occurs in traditional conferences.

We are on a mission to explore the secrets of the Software Making Craft and share these with the world, as openly as possible.

SoCraTes Crete is a new event that comes to its own existence in 2023, after co-existing with for 3 iterations (2018, 2019, 2022).

SoCraTes Crete (like AgileCrete) is a not-for-profit event which is brought to life by a team of passionate software crafters who contribute on an entirely volunteer basis.

More details about our sponsorship tiers, sponsors' perks and the expenses that will be covered can be found at the sponsorships web page!

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