Softcraft - Open Apprenticeship

Learn software development collaboratively.

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Learn software development collaboratively.


Teach how to develop software by doing and creating a group of people willing to learn with mentors willing to share their knowledge.


Software development is a craft that takes a lot of practice and dedication to excel. But we think that through mentorship and learning from other we can help to reduce the learning curve and improve our abilities collectively.

We all have learned from others and our knowledge is the result of the interactions we've made over our career.

If you are an experienced software developer you will have the opportunity to pay it forward and learn by sharing or if you are a beginner and are willing to go do what it takes, you'll find the help you need to find a way to complete your goals.

Social software

We believe great software comes from great teams, and great teams are formed by people that work together and trust each other. We seek with this initiative to generate relationships that will help in the creation of a community of professionals that can move our profession forward.

How it works

With the help of mentors apprentices will:

  1. Define a learning goal (measurable and with a date to be completed)
  2. Work on projects, read, explore and perform exercises that will help them on their goal.
  3. Interact with other apprentices to share what they are learning
  4. Receive feedback and guidance from mentors.

Each apprentice is responsible of it's own growth and learning, but they will have the support of a network of peers and experienced developers.


  • An apprentice needs to give a donation to participate in the program, the amount of the donation is open.
  • Mentors commits to give an specific amount of time each week and will provide it free of charge.
  • Everyone can make donation to support us.


Meet the awesome people that are bringing the community together! 🙌


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