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Sol Underground is an ecosystem of abolitionists in Atlanta dedicated to Black and Indigenous resistance and liberation. Our mission is to collaboratively construct alternatives to state oppression and anchor them in non-hierarchical practices, enabling marginalized communities to self-manage and address their evolving needs. Through our work, we strive to harness collective power and transform the material conditions of all people.

We envision a future where liberation and self-determination are actualized in the present. We aspire to be a catalyst for change, fostering an inclusive ecosystem that dismantles oppressive structures and fosters collective resilience. By amplifying the voices of Black and Indigenous communities, we strive to challenge and overcome systemic barriers while cultivating solidarity and mutual support. We aim to create equitable and self-sustaining systems that provide essential resources, services, and opportunities, promoting the well-being and empowerment of our communities. 
We run a number of community initiatives, including:
  • Sol Below- A community led warming tent that provides folks with food, clothing, etc every winter  to reach those not served by the shelter system
  • Community Care Navigators- An alternative community based peer support network
  • #SolutionsNotSweepsATL- A campaign to push Atlanta to adopt a Housing First model to end the housing crisis, stop the criminalization of poverty and support its poor, working class, and unhoused citizens.
  • Summer Water Drops- Our seasonal delivery program that provides water to communities at risk of heat stress and water insecurity.
  • Free Store Fridays- Our free store is a form of mutual aid that provides a unique way for people to circulate clothing, household items, books and more in a sustainable way and counteract capitalistic myths of scarcity.
  • Community Days-  A monthly community gathering series to build community and bring folks together in fun creative ways
  • [Sol]idarity Housing- A community led housing project offering low/no barrier housing options to Black and Brown folks.

To learn more about our initiatives, check out our newsletter.

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