Open Collective
Open Collective
A new chapter and so many plans!
Published on May 26, 2021 by Wilma Dragonetti

This is a new chapter for us: semi-officially be and manage our collective.

It has become a necessity as we have big plans to keep proposing events in the future that are not limited to our beloved open mic at Pianofabriek.

We also want to be able, now more than ever, to financially support the artists that have been working and collaborating with us. That have given us time and energy. That have inspired us, and shared with us their passion and talent.

So, what should you look forward to?
We have two poetic-musical-artistic summer walks in the making, one bigger than the other. Be ready to see Brussels parks under a whole new light! We are also working on organising a few creative workshops, and maybe a writing retreat?

Basically, stay tuned!

And if you have some pesky old change to spare, consider a donation.

Thank you all and be easy,
Miksi, MJ and Wilma