Open Collective
Open Collective

Spiritual Collective of WRC


We organize to re-imagine and reclaim nourishing community spaces & to liberate on the journey to be our true selves.


Gardens for the gods (

We organize land being long term stewarded by a coalition of locals.

Gardens For The gods is a Philly-wide movement of reclaiming the spaces, social networks, education, cultures, and land-based relationships of local indigineity. The intended impact of these reclamations is restoring localized power and access to the most basic needs thriving, without pretense:

Food Sovereignty
Water Sovereignty
Health Sovereignty
Land-based Housing
Socio-cultural engagement
Passion led productivity

With communities facilitating the educational, organizing and ecological support of community members, lots of land embedded in communities impacted by municipal divestment, structural exploitation, cultural oppression and collective dehumanization are planned, cleaned, planted, beautified and long term stewarded by a coalition of locals.  In collaboration with local workers, community collectives, existing gardens, experienced land stewards, the local ecosystem, the knowledge of our elders and the passions of our youth WRC is organizing tangible, translocally supported foundations of long term community nourishment, healing & self determination.

 We're fundraising to support the purchase of:
  • Plant starters
  • Seeds & vertical start infrastructure
  • Compost, mulch & other growing supplies
  • Hand tools & small wagons for on-the-block community engagement
  • Supporting mutual aid growing spaces on local farms and home gardens

Real Rap (

Community Check Ins to put down what burdens us, pick up our blessings and strategize around collective well being every first and third Sunday.

Community Check Ins mixing virtual and in-person communing to put down what burdens us, pick up our blessings and strategize around collective well being. We fundraise to support:
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Access to community spaces


Become a financial contributor.

Financial Contributions

Custom contribution
Make a custom one-time or recurring contribution.
Spiritual Circle

Support a community spiritual healing pop-up event in collaboration local healers in communities in need of holistic care.

Starts at
$5 USD
One-time contribution
Garden Supporter

Support the reclaiming community garden spaces, turning vacant lots into beautiful food providers in urban food deserts

Starts at
$5 USD