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Hello, world! We're Kristen + Jordan!

We are both rad, creative people as well as proud members of the disabled and chronically ill communities. We both have struggled with jobs since getting sick. Keeping them, getting accommodations or having understanding coworkers and bosses was almost impossible to find.

When we became roommates in Denton during 2021, our creative juices started flowing more and we got an idea. We decided to create this business as a way to help ourselves and eventually other disabled/chronically ill makers create a stream of income they don’t have to worry about disappearing suddenly.
We have spent this year creating our in house brand and trying to learn as many different craft mediums as we could, as well as getting the hang of the backend part of running a business. Our next goal is to expand the community of makers we have met along the way and help them learn a craft (or perfect a current one!) while we handle the backend work of the website, marketing and vendor shows.

Makers make and we will sell! Simplifying the selling process for makers allows individuals who wouldn’t be able to handle the whole shebang of a business the opportunity to still be involved in something they can call their own.

Our next big project is beginning to nail out a framework and online courses for people who would like to take the skills they’ve learned selling with us to start their own stand alone store and business. Our hope is to create a collective of businesses where we can support and cross promote each other so we can all thrive on our own terms.

We are so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on and what we have planned in the future.

Always learning. Always listening. Always growing.