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New blog section for founders.

Startup founders out there. Consider opening and reading our new blog section where we present venture capital firms. It may prove really useful if you are in a stage looking for to raise your next round.It is free to sign up and read.
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Published on May 7, 2024 by Spyros


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What barriers to market entry have you encountered as a startup founder?

Published on May 7, 2024 by Spyros

Engage in the discussion and assist Startup Founders Club platform to further evolve in removing barriers to market entry for startup founders worldwide.


I work with startup founders starting from an idea, concept, or any other subsequent early stage to progress and perhaps to raise funds for their startup. In the process, beside addressing business development and mentoring aspects, I focus on the most important one of developing the necessary mindset which will accompany the (co)founders to their startup career.

I have already put in place partnerships that augment and enhance the service offering and always develop additional if a startup project’s circumstances demand so, in order to become successful. The (co)founders are always the decision maker, contrary to other offerings in the market that require equity and as a result, impose decisions to protect their interests.

My incubation programme addresses an under served segment of the market, where startups not matching a pre-selected set of criteria do not get further support, financial or other by angel investors, incubators, accelerators, venture capital funds, etc., resulting not just to exclusion but imposing barriers to market entry to potentially successful startups.

I have registered on the Open Collective platform to attempt to find sponsors for the programme as thus far I have been financing on my own the whole endeavor. However, the programme has matured and it has reached market fit stage, justifying the investment a corporation, government entity or other would do so as to provide the incubation programme to excluded startup founders while maintaining transparency with respect how the funds are being used.

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