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Social economist • Public speaker • Facilitator • Rebel

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I am a rebel, have a strong desire to change the world for the better and I don't believe in impossible.

Impossible is a mindset. Did you know that at the end of the 19th century there was a women's movement in the UK that was fighting to limit the amount of underwear women had to wear to 3kg? Can you imagine that today? Often, what was once thought to be impossible, becomes the norm in our society. Examples of this are women's voting rights, airplanes and gay marriage.

My history lies in IT, creative thinking, improvisation and business interventions but didn't stop there. Through my wide range of interests I self-studied on economics, complexity theory, human behaviour and sociology by diving into online research and engaging with progressive thinkers. My main passion lies in monetary systems, which triggered my interest after discovering that the biggest hurdle to solving our climate change problem is our current day dominant financial system and more importantly the behaviour it creates. This launched me on a path to create a system which could lead to more sustainable economic and social behaviour, scalable up to a global level. That led to the creation of the CMee model.

I challenge people in their thinking. The main topics I work with are economics, politics and society. My goal is to open doors to innovative solutions which can lead to creating a better society for everyone.

To really get to know me, have a look here