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Open Collective
It's Getting Scary Cold! Let's Keep Austin Warm
Published on October 30, 2021 by Kim V

We've made it through the summer here in Austin. Our unhoused neighbors have faced even more violence and harassment from the police as the enforcement of the camping ban is ramped up, and the need for a more permanent housing solution for folks is clear. While our city officials pass the buck on how to help, Street Forum is determined to continue to build community with our unhoused neighbors, with our weekly event featuring hot tacos & coffee, hygiene supplies, and core needs like tents, phones, and sleeping bags.
As the weather turns colder, we're also kicking off another round of our annual Stay Warm drive to help purchase more cold weather gear, like thermals, jackets, and socks. You can help by donating to that event here, or by creating a monthly donation to Street Forum here. We're also collecting gently used jackets and cold weather gear - hit us up here or on Instagram to get in touch about drop off & pick up opportunities! We've got us, and we're going to do everything we can to keep our community warm this winter. Join us!