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Covid-19 response
Published on May 6, 2020 by Adam Bard

We have been busy re-designing and re-engineering our user-facing platform and data gathering tools to respond to the pandemic and provide trustworthy info on social service changes to the service user. To help us in that effort we are very grateful that we have been able to expand our team.

Four young people of lived experience of homelessness have formed our data gathering and validating team, 3 new volunteer developers have joined through U.S. Digital Response, and we have received some funding for a developer of relevant lived experience.

Our burgeoning project team of 11 are progressing to launch on or around May 18, depending on the amount of validated social service data we can share.

I will be back soon with updates, including news of a new award, and partnerships we hope will mean more and better information available through GoGetta for all users of social services in NYC.

ā€“ Adam

p.s. Congratulation to long-time team member Jake on the birth of baby Gaia!